English middle aged white male, married, 2 grown up kids. I work with numbers everyday, in a business I’m not supposed to talk about too much, so I love to tell stories in my free time instead. That’s about it…. unless you can be bothered to keep reading, my life is not that interesting.

I’ve read voraciously my whole life, my earliest memories are reading, but my preference is pulp scifi fiction. Something which makes you think a bit, but is just purely for entertainment and not for changing the world.

I have been into war-gamming and roleplaying since my school days (and no mom, I never did grow out of it) so I guess I’ve also always loved telling stories, but never really thought about publishing….. until I started reading one of my works to my wife of an evening.

She loved it, and to encourage me to keep typing away, suggested I put it out to the world and see what happens.

I will likely never publish a complete book in blog form, but if my work interests you tell me, ultimately one day I may even self publish, that would be the ultimate goal.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. askinsfiction Post author

      Noted. Just started out on this thing, not exactly sure how much to share just yet, but I do agree. I’ll take a look at how best to go about it and put something up. Thanks for reading.

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